My Wife said its NOT about Me…..

I had a talk with my Wife the other night because sometimes as a man you start feeling like you are not doing your manly duties. I spend so much time DREAM Chasing and I spend so much of OUR bread doing it that it’s important to check in with the wife to see if she is Good!!! My wife told me to finish what you started. She said work hard and leave a legacy for our kids. What really opened my eyes was the fact that she said our sacrifice might not even be for us but for our children. So many times we have dreams of making it and living the good life but did we ever think about maybe just maybe we have to give up our comfort to pave the way for our kids to live????? My mom did it for us and now we will do it for our kids. She told me to don’t worry about what other folks are doing just keep pushing and stay focused. 

Thanks wifey. I will continue to squeeze the quarter until the eagle screams!!!!

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