“Love Goals” features five celebrity couples and a licensed therapist under one drama-filled roof. 

From Irwin Entertainment, the production company behind hit series “Celebrity Rehab,” “Couples Therapy” and “FamilyTherapy,” comes “Love Goals,” in which renowned family and relationship therapist, Spirit, counsels five celebritycouples who are at crossroads in their relationships. Their challenges range from fame and power, infidelity andcommunication issues, as well as overcoming childhood trauma. Through an intense two-week therapy program thatfeatures both insight-oriented exercises and special guests, these  famous couples will face their most challengingconflicts head on, as they strive to achieve their love goals.

Appearing in the freshman season of “Love Goals” will be:  Benzino and Althea Heart, whose tumultuous and litigiousrelationship is well known to fans from their featured roles in “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta;” Former NFL wide receiver andrapper Dwayne “Money” Bowe and Theresa Bowe, who have been together for 11 years and wed in 2018;  Actress andformer “Basketball Wives” star Sundy Carter and boyfriend Breyon Williams; Former Salt-n-Peppa group member DeeDee “Spinderella” Roper and comedian Quenton “Q” Coleman; Plus rapper/actor/chef and producer Coolio and hisfiancé, Mimi Ivey.

Series’ host, Spirit, is a licensed therapist and media personality who aims to empower people with the skills, tools, andinformation vital to developing, sustaining and maximizing healthy, intimate relationships. Spirit was the host of Fox’s, “TheDaily Helpline,” and XM/Sirius’ nightly radio program “Talking with Spirit.” Spirit is also a regular guest of HLN, “Dr. Drew: OnCall,” “The Bill Cunningham Show,” and “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”

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2 thoughts on “Meet SPIRIT from OWN’s LOVE GOALS”
  1. Hello. I watched your show for hours yesterday, for the first time. I really enjoyed every bit if it. I wish I could find someone like you to help my husband and I. For years I feel as though my husband abused me emotionally and never wanted me to express my self. When stuff happens, before i begin speaking he yells and even abuses me verbally, at times in the presence of my son. There’s just so much, I can go on and on and on. Now, I have lost the trust and concentrates more on me.

  2. Wow I wish my man of 6 years and I can get help from you we love each other very much but there are soooo many times we bump heads and often times I feel as if I want to express so much to him with conflict but before I begin to speak I second guess and one day I did my own research on his behavior and he shows all the signs of a mentally abused man although I am a sexually abused woman we both have this thing that we both are afraid to talk about he is such a beautiful person inside and out and it frustrates me because I now have this bubble in my chest that I want to be abled to talk to him about but I know it would cause conflict and then he was once married before to someone who was verbally abusive and I sometimes feel as if he view me as her even when he work so hard not to he treats me as if I’m her and I want to believe that he don’t know he’s doing it but it’s hurtful

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