Just ask legendary Grammy-Award Winning Producer and Songwriter Jermaine Dupri – a vegan for the last decade and a half.  He’ll tell you all the reasons why it’s improved his life.

Dupri is putting his money where his mouth is, joining 25madison’s startup The Beet, designed to empower Americans on the importance of our diets, and provide solutions that give real stepping stones to getting there.

Since the onset of the pandemic, sales of plant-based foods have risen as meat sales are down for the first time in six years, according to industry sources. With the rise of the pandemic affecting mostly black and brown people, there has been a spike in immune supporting health practices and adding more plant-based foods to their diets. Plant based foods sales have grown over 148 percent this year according to industry sources.

Dupri is joining as a creative advisor, continuing to champion healthy eating and living. He’ll leverage his partnership to elevate the message that eating healthier leads to a longer, healthier life, especially during these perilous times. The addition of Dupri will help more people  who want to lean into plant-based eating (but who are not necessarily strictly vegan or plant-based in their approach) to  “just add plants” to their plate, at a time when everyone is eager to boost immunity, eat to lower inflammation, and becoming more aware of how our food systems impact the environment.

Durpri will work closely with notable New York Times Best-Selling Author Lucy Danzinger and Award-Winning writer, editor, formerly Editor-In-Chief of SELF magazine.


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