For some, Back to School means new teachers, new classes, and new friends – while for others it means a whole new level of freedom, as they break free of parental guidance and become… Student Drivers! Before all the moms and dads out there start worrying, Shell Brands International is on a mission to keep drivers of all ages safe while on the road – even those naive, too-cool-for-school, teenagers.    

From now until September 11th, Shell will be running a 15% Back to School promotion on both styles of Portable Jump Starters – an essential product for anyone hitting the road, especially for the first time. These 12V auto battery boosters have 10 built-in safety features including spark, reverse polarity, high-temperature, over-current, and over-voltage protection. Don’t know what that means? You don’t have to! While SH912 is good for small cars, SH916WC has a higher battery capacity and has wireless charging function. These jump starters are so easy to use, even your teen can figure it out. 


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