FILM PREMIERE DATE: February 2, 2023, only on BET+
FILM DESCRIPTION: Recently widowed, Emma Leeden, details the loss of her family in her new book “Invasion”. To generate press, Emma agrees to a staged reading by 19-year-old Sky Brown in Emma’s now fortified home. There’s only one problem, Sky’s spiritual connection is real, and evil emerges in a house they can’t get out of.
Mo’Nique Hicks, Chastity Sereal, Denisha Hardeman, Ian Haywood, Charlene Brown, Lisa Alavi and Sara AlaviExecutive Producers:               
Lee Daniels, Courtney Glaudé

Producing Director:                  
Courtney Glaudé

Aundrea Posey, Joy Ganes

Courtney Glaudé

Courtney Glaudé

Quote from Courtney Glaudé, the film’s writer and director:

The Reading is a rollercoaster of a project that I am thrilled to see come to life,” says director/writer Courtney Glaudé. “I am a fan of the surgical performance by Mo’Nique, and the love and commitment from the entire cast during the pandemic. I appreciate the dedication to bringing this, as I was told, “sick” vision of mine to the screen; and of course Lee Daniels for being crazy enough to Executive Produce the project and believing in me. I can’t wait for the audience to think they know, but have no idea what’s going to happen. I promise you…it’s crazy.”


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