Jake ‘The Problem Child’ Paul on UNTOLD Vol. 3


About UNTOLD: Jake Paul the Problem Child:

At 26, is Jake Paul the boxing world’s new savior or a “delusional” promoter who packs more punch in his marketing skills than in his right hand? It depends on whom you ask in UNTOLD: Jake Paul the Problem Child, an unflinching deep dive into how a wide-eyed kid from Ohio morphed from Internet sensation to most polarizing man in sports. For every high-profile critic (UFC president Dana White), there’s another supporter in his corner (former professional boxer Mike Tyson). In 2013, Jake and his older brother, Logan, lit up social media with pranks and antics posted first to Vine and then a YouTube channel that racked up millions of views. The brothers parlayed their online success into lucrative side hustles, with Jake releasing music and landing a role on a Disney Channel show (Bizaardvark). As their notoriety grew, so did tensions between the once-close siblings. When Jake’s real-life controversies nearly ruined his career, he got a second chance as a boxer who shocked skeptics as he knocked out one opponent after another. Built on gripping interviews with the Paul brothers – along with their parents, fans, fellow boxers, and the skeptical old guard – the film culminates with a nail-biting match that will prove if Jake has what it takes to rule his new kingdom.

Quote from Andrew Renzi, Director

“To be able to sneak my way into the formative story of the state of modern boxing through the journey of one of the internet’s first influencers, a Disney star by the name of Jake Paul, a name that inspires so much repulsion and so much reverence depending on which one of the millions of fans he has around the world, and this is the kid that has somehow become the most important topic in one of the world’s most beloved and classic sports. 

To be able to somehow connect the dots between the birth of The Influencer, the nostalgia of that era of YouTube, and the collapse and reshaping of a dying global pastime felt like we were making a science-fiction film, but thanks to Jake Paul, it really is a documentary.”


You think you know these stories, but you don’t. UNTOLD returns with Vol 3 – a four-week event beginning August 1st:

  • August 1 – Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child
  • August 8 – Untold: Johnny Football
  • August 15 – Untold: Hall of Shame
  • August 22 – Untold: Swamp Kings