Toya & Reginaewill premiere on Thursday, August 24 at 9pm ET, with new episodes available on popular AMC Networks streaming service ALLBLK every Monday. 

The six, one-hour episodes follow the ups and downs of Atlanta’s most dynamic mother daughter duo, Toya Johnson-Rushing and Reginae Carter. The powerful pair are no strangers to the spotlight…every tweet, comment or post they make is dissected on all the hottest blogs, but what their fans see on social media is just scratching the surface. On each episode of Toya & Reginae, fans will get to peek behind the curtain and see who they truly are – what’s happening in their love lives, how they balance those relationships along with their exciting and demanding careers, and of course their relationship with each other. As happy as they appear on social media, in reality, their lives are unpredictable and full of chaos as they navigate their complex family dynamic.

Follow the series trends on social media using the hashtag #ToyaAndReginae and the handles @WEtv and @WatchAllBLK.


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