God Is GREAT!!! I can’t say it enough!!!! A couple of weeks ago I reached out to Demetria McKinney to be our guest speaker

for the teen girls in Youngstown, Ohio for ‘Teen Talk 2014’ and Stacey Berkley (Demetria’s Manager) responded that they would love to come and support the youth.

From the time they landed in Akron and for the entire 2 days they spent with us in Youngstown they both were just great people. God will always send you the right people to get the job done!


Demetria shared her story and encouraged the young ladies to follow their dreams. One thing that really stuck out to me was when Demetria told the young ladies that there are NO prostitutes in this room and for them to respect their bodies!

I came home to hundreds of emails, inboxes, and FB tags from parents that said their teens were really touched and that Demetria really had them thinking about their future. It’s always great to see the parents are following up with their teens and not just dropping them off.


I want to send a major THANK YOU to Demetria for taking time out of her schedule to come to Youngstown. Thank You to C.I.R.V. and Mr. Guy Burney for stepping up providing so much to help make this happen. Special Thanks to the Youngstown Dept. of Parks and Recreation for providing the Arlington Heights Rec Center Plus a major thank you to the Volunteers and Sponsors that stepped up for the youth in Youngstown!



Mr. Burney presented Demetria with a Proclamation on behalf of the city of Youngstown for all her hard work and dedication to the youth and the community.

Demetria also surprised the teens with an autographed single of her new release ‘100’ featuring DaBrat. I listened to this song about 100 times this weekend and I love it. she has a beautiful voice!!!!!









Check out the Full Photo Gallery from ‘Teen Talk’ below:


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  1. Kingsmen White Much luv homie. Its great to see a fellow youngstowner do their thang. Keep being u and keep doing what u do. I’ll see u when come back to town.

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