Seems like Nikki Minaj is worried about losing her place as the TOP female Hiphop Artist. Lately she has been throwing a lot of shade towards IGGY from saying she don’t have to work hard for what she is getting credit for to saying T.I. is ghostwriting her songs to help her out. I just think that she don’t like sharing the spotlight and she is mad that ‘Fancy’ made the #1 spot on the charts. What do you think???? Leave a comment!


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56 thoughts on “Nicki Vs. IGGY”
  1. Iggy isn’t that great I’m sorry. Neither are better than the other they both sound the same with genre and lyrics. They run I’m the se field against each other. Nicki is protecting her territory as a pop princess and hip hip queen. She is shooting shots to keep people from taking her spot. There are better female artist who get no recognition because they sound too manly or have lyrics that speak like a boy. It isn’t common to see this either. Take a lot of effort to be a female mc …. And Iggy is mostly getting a pass because she is a white chick with curves. Sorry but not sorry. Nikki spits good little lines here and there you got to catch

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