CBS Drops Rihanna from Pregame Show Amid Ray Rice Scandal


As the Ray Rice scandal has compounded and dwarfed action on the field over the last few days, the NFL is not
in the mood to celebrate. The CBS pregame show on Thursday will reflect that.
According to, the network has reimagined its advanced programming for “Thursday Night Football,” including pulling a Don Cheadle-narrated segment over Rihanna‘s “Run This Town” and dropping a comedic piece, in favor of running a report from Norah O’Donnell, the anchor of “CBS This Morning.” O’Donnell interviewed commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday.
“It’s important to realize we are not overreacting to this story but it is as big a story as has faced the NFL,” CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus told Thursday, after video of Rice knocking his then-fiancee unconscious surfaced, and the commissioner denied having seen the video despite an Associated Press reporting suggesting the league had access to the footage.

13 thoughts on “CBS Drops Rihanna from Pregame Show Amid Ray Rice Scandal

  1. Lol! ‘Run This Town’ has very significant esoteric meaning. That song is deep. It coincides with the end times, martial law, lawlessness, etc. Really it’s just mere distraction from “Real Matters” at hand…spiritual and political.

  2. Dino Simmons they are saying that her lyrics are scaring them “Feel it coming in the air/ Hear the screams from everywhere/ I’m addicted to the thrill/ It’s a dangerous love affair.”

  3. Kingsmen White just the fact that she openly smokes weed while on vacation and makes videos of it, poses naked on IG, and twerks on videos probably gave them second thoughts.

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