The rapper took to his Instagram, in a post that has since been deleted, to complain about doing numerous concerts without having anything to show for.

“Nah idgaf I’m doing all theses show not getting ma money dey got me doing sh*t every f*c day so its hard to keep up Witt dis sh*t den I ain’t got nobody to trust ain’t no help. I’m ready to go back to da trap be4 jail #RNS dats how I feel foh,” the young rapper captioned the post.


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4 thoughts on “Bobby Shmurda Rapping for FREE and He is Mad About It!!!”
  1. Before you sign anything, that paperwork need to be right. It’s crazy all these rappers jumped to remix his single, but none help him with the business side of the music. I’m not a fan but I feel bad for the young brotha.

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