The former U.S. secretary of state, senator and first lady said her background gives her a “unique vantage point” to bring to the White House should she run in 2016.

“I do have a unique vantage point and set of experiences about what makes the United States operate well and what doesn’t and what a president can do and should be doing,” she said. “So I am going to be making a decision around, probably after the first of the year, about whether I’m going to run again or not.”

Clinton first ran for president in 2008, but she was defeated in the Democratic primary by then-Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.


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26 thoughts on “2016 Presidential Candidate???Would You Support Hillary Clinton??”
  1. I would bet my entire 401k on Hillary, simply because this country is getting browner, she is ridiculously popular with women & minorities, both demographics are essential for winning the presidency…..Bottom line, there isn’t enough redneck southern white males left to beat her nationally .. She will win big in 2016

  2. @Chris..RIGHT! Lol!!! Minorities and white Democrats have seen that their votes count so I would be surprised if a republican were back in office for a while (unless they rig another election #BushJr. But that’s another post! lol!

  3. ^^^^excellent assessment Shannon! Remember she is an insider, being an old timer, she knows where all the bodies are buried, thus she is owed favors…. I believe she would be a Hella effective executive on that premise alone…. She can beat the Republiturds….

  4. The authority and personality a woman would have to take in order to get the respect she deserves from other political parties and world leaders would probably make her considered to be a b****- If Pres. Obama has a hard time getting things passed in congress (via the Republican Party) I couldn’t imagine a woman trying to get new laws/regulations passed. She would probably spend more time trying to prove herself vs. doing her POTUS duties. I’m not sure I would vote for just ANY woman just because she is a woman but I believe Hillary has enough political experience and knowledge to make her way in and be trained and adapt. She knows the ropes.

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