I was NOT taking advantage of by Mr. Cosby when I was on the Cosby Show! I was practically a baby on that show and this is truly a disgusting rumor that I want no part of! Everyone on that show treated me with nothing but kindness. Now keep me out of this!

Do You Still Think Bill Is Guilty???


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8 thoughts on “Raven-Symone Slams Rumors That Bill Cosby Molested Her”
  1. To me the only mistake he made was settling the case he had for the same thing years back, others might have saw what he paid out which was never spoken about due to the case and felt this was a come up. I personally don’t think he did it but people today are vicious and will find any means of getting paid…..Smh.

  2. Oliver Nathaniel Goodloe its hard because these sites have a disclaimer at the bottom that says it’s only for fun and it’s not true but people don’t read before they post. I don’t share a story unless it comes from a real media site because they would have to explain if it’s not real!

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