Eminem Raps about Raping Iggy! Check Out Her Response


After rapping about wanting to punch Lana Del Rey during his “Shady Cxvpher” performance, Em took a swipe at Iggy Azalea on the new Bad Meets Evil track “Vegas” from the Shady XV compilation.

Em rhymes:

So swallow my pride, you’re lucky just to follow my ride/If I let you run alongside the Humvee/Unless you’re Nicki, grab you by the wrist, let’s ski/So what’s it gonna be/Put that shit away, Iggy/You don’t wanna blow that rape whistle on me.

Iggy Responds:

19 thoughts on “Eminem Raps about Raping Iggy! Check Out Her Response”

  1. Personally I wouldn’t come up with lyrics like that.I mean I could,I’m capable of it.But if I were famous like that and kids looked up to me,I would be carrying myself a lil different than that.I’d be trying to make music to help people and encourage people.But I mean if he want’s to write about that….whatever.People can say whatever they wanna say.Don’t mean they should,but they are going to anyway.Personally I haven’t listened to Eminem or bought a single Eminem album since his first album,he was hungry on that first album.I liked the way he expressed himself before he got famous.

  2. this is about controversy to build momentum because he knows what battles to pick. you see he don’t call GAYS the FAG word anymore because in this day and age he would be SHUT DOWN using that language. every Gay activist group would boycott him and keep him from preforming. The old EM would be calling Macklemore Fags and having blow up dolls on stage making fun of them. He smart and he knows how to pick his controversy!!!

  3. All of the well known rap artist send other and new rap artist through some type of hazing even when they get along they dump on each other. Now slim shady and his words are there for shock and awe he gets a response, there is no bad publicity we are talking about it and that is the hope of an artist, to be at the forefront of everyone mind, he is a genius at remaining famous he also raps about things that are deep and legit, but remember when we were first getting to know this young man he was rapping about viciously murdering his ex wife Kim (who he married twice) and his mother sued him for slander , he raped about her having Munchhausen by proxy, and also about raping his mother. …” I don’t give a fu– if this chick was my own mother I still f— her with no rubber and cu- inside her and have a son and a new brother at the same time and I just say that ain’t mine what’s my name ?—i’m back shut up slut, you causin’ to much chaos just bend over and take it slut okay ma ? kill you…. he is who he is expect it, her response, priceless it bothered her more because of her young brother who loves shady, I think others a more bothered by it than she is.. I still love the dude, but we know when he hits the mike to expect just about anything Iggy do your slim shady research…. cause your part of his forever be known for what Eminem raped (oops rapped) about you. ! your in good company forever because he shall go down in his story and you name will be there !

  4. I’m not condoning what Em says but we are talking about Eminem. If she’s familiar with him. She should know what he is going to do and or say. To me Em is very intelligent and I doubt very seriously he meant it. In this particular song he is slim shady.. Which is a whole different persona that he plays. It’s an act more so pleasing to some people. I mean. Not defending him but it’s expected especially if this whole album is geared towards slim shady. Which is pretty much a psychopathic persona that he plays. And he talks about how it is just an act in interviews and in his song Stan. He can very much so be just as humble when he is just himself Eminem if you listen to his song beautiful. And monster. Mockingbird is a beautiful song to his daughter is a role that he plays like we as regular people play roles also whether we notice or not. Did he go to far… Ehhh not really cause I would expect that from him. is it right.. Well you would have to tell me what’s moral I guess

  5. Exactly Dino, its just emenim…. i dont see why everybody gettin so offended now when he was rapping and including others that were in the news everybody was backin him. He just doin what he been doin. Had he changed his style then i believe there would be grounds for something to say. But he’s just being himself, get over it!

  6. lathe problem is this is ho he got rich and famous! People loves him for talking about killing his baby moms and his mother. only thing he loved was his daughter but I think when you grow up all that childs Childsplay has to end. it might of been cute to his fans when he was younger bit I’m sure they are kind of shocked

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