Ray J’s Ex-Girlfriend Threatens Suicide After Photos of Ray J And Karrueche Surface


Karrueche Tran Ray J Girlfriend
Ray J’s ex-girlfriend who threatened suicide Wednesday was pushed over the edge after she found out Ray was nuzzling up to the modern day Helen of Troy … Karrueche Tran.

Cops were called after Princess Love called Ray and threatened to shoot herself. A short time later she called him back and said she would not go through with it.

As we reported … Ray broke up with Princess Love Tuesday night after a big fight. Now we know where he went afterward.

Ray went to a studio to shoot a New Year’s Eve special for BET. Karrueche was also on the show and Ray hung out with her until 4 AM. We got a couple of pics which show they were definitely getting along.



5 thoughts on “Ray J’s Ex-Girlfriend Threatens Suicide After Photos of Ray J And Karrueche Surface”

  1. Ray J is a real mean guy. He’s filled with animosity. Words are worse than actions most times. Which leads to poor choices. We are self destructive. We gone take each other out by our lack of Love and selfishness. Men are wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I love Men but I don’t know about them. They are failing us. As an emotional person and a Woman, I feel why she is hurting so much. Her pain is deep. We have to just be patient and hope for the best. I stay single. As a beautiful and successful Woman. I refuse to let anyone waste my time. It takes time to build a strong relationship. Even then, there will be issues, but you will be able to manage. Life is always difficult. There will always be days of hurt and there will be days of happiness. Hope by Twista is my inspiration song for life. It’s so much life in that song. Listen to it daily, it will lift you up!

  2. Got more info on this story..it appears that Karrueche & Ray J were filming to be on BET New Years Notarized countdown that’s where this pic came from & Princess was there on the set of the filming & she’s the 1 that took the pic of Ray J & Karrueche..Ray J & Princess came together..Kingsmen White

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