New York has become one of the epicenters for the ongoing protests for equal justice and police accountability sparked by a Staten Island grand jury’s decision to not indict a police officer for the death of Eric Garner. Two of NY’s biggest Hip Hop representatives have now stepped up to lobby New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo to reform the state’s criminal justice system.

Shawn “Jay Z” Carter and Russell Simmons met with Gov. Cuomo on Wednesday. The governor’s office described the meeting as “a productive conversation” that included a discussion about assigning special prosecutors to handle criminal cases involving police officers. Many observers have criticized the idea of regular state prosecutors investigating the police, because the district attorney’s office and the local police departments work so closely together.IMG_4092.JPG


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10 thoughts on “Russell Simmons & Jay Z Lobby New York Governor To Reform Criminal Justice System”
  1. During the civil rights movement of the 1960s- Stevie wonder, James Brown, and Aretha Franklin were among influential blacks who were vocal. This generation of influential blacks can have the same if not more impact on this movement. If they were remaining silent black folks would complain that they are. Bottom line they have influence and using it will keep the conversation about race relations at the table, instead of pretending that racial disparity doesn’t exist

  2. It may help with constant consistency, but it starts with people changing themselves within and being active in their own communities first to actually come together for change to come. Petitions are a great start, but we know when it comes to some celebrities they will only go so far because they don’t want to risk corporate sponsorship or their brand. Not saying Russell or Jay-Z but we know how it goes sometimes.

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