Bill Cosby Hires Private Investigators to Dig Up Dirt on Accusers


Bill Cosby has hired a battalion of private investigators to dig up dirt on his many accusers, The New York Post has learned.

The comedian, fighting an onslaught of accusations that he sexually assaulted more than two dozen women over many years, is paying six-figure fees to private investigators for information that might discredit his alleged victims.

15 thoughts on “Bill Cosby Hires Private Investigators to Dig Up Dirt on Accusers”

  1. I’m just not buying what these women are selling. I believe it is a conspiracy and whatever the masses wanted him to do he wasn’t selling his soul for it or to do it. I am a supporter of Bill Cosby. As a victim myself you either do one of two things tell when it happens or don’t at all. I find it very hard to believe that none of these 20 women had the strength or courage to come forth in 30, 40 even 50 years? I ain’t buying it sorry……..

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