Ivy Condo Association says between him bouncing checks and racking up over $12.5K in unpaid fees they’ve had enough — they filed a lien in November, and asked the court to foreclose on the rap mogul right before Christmas. Yo, bah humbug! Financial woes are stacking up for the Cash Money honcho — a reported $1.9 million federal tax lien, a $1 mil lien from a construction company … plus, he took out a $5M loan against his mega-mansion in April, just to pimp it out. (TMZ)

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18 thoughts on “Birdman Having Serious Money Problems and Might Lose His Mansion”
  1. That money be going as fast as they get it billion dollar houses with million dollar cars and the life style alone will eventually catch up if not being used correctly. Them cats tricking bill is outstanding. They sell a lot of music but not that much. Its gone play out. Strange tho!