Tupac Biopic in Production

A long-delayed Tupac Shakur biopic will begin shooting in June, according to the film’s producer, Randall Emmett. “The script is great and we’re ready to make the movie,” he recently told Collider. “We’re just prepping the logistics.”

Emmett also confirmed that the production company, Morgan Creek, has secured the rights to Tupac’s music catalog. It licensed the rights to the songs after partnering with the rapper’s mother, Afeni Shakur, who will also serve as one of the film’s executive producers.

The movie itself, Emmett said, will touch on Shakur’s upbringing and the people around him, but its primary focus will be his rise to fame. “We want to be real and raw, about the things and the gangster life that he was involved in, growing up in the way that he grew up,” Emmett said. “But we also want to honor the talent that he had because he really was, in my opinion for sure, one of the greatest talents that ever lived in music and hip-hop.”

Although the producer didn’t want to give too much of the story away, Emmett said the East Coast–West Coast rivalry — which reached its tragic apex with the shootings of Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. in 1996 and ’97, respectively — would certainly be a part of the story.

IMG_0523.JPG Afeni Shakur and Kingsmen

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27 thoughts on “Tupac Biopic in Production

  1. Idk if anyone can capture the true essence of Tupac…I guess I will hope for the best and pray Lifetime is not involved. Some of his fans viewed him as more than a rapper (I did). If the entire movie is about him rapping, and east coast west coast beef…I will be upset.

  2. Gerald G-money Silva Jr. he spent his last days on death row so they are going to have to make the ending feel real but i def feel you on that! the outlawz will def have some say

  3. I don’t think whoever needs to spend time with suge because he only delt with that nigga for 8 or 10 months & I can basically tell that story….a lot of the real in depth shit has to come from the Outlawz & Digital Underground ,producers, engineers & family

  4. ‘Changes’ is one of the songs that Afeni has a lot of control with and publishing. Im sure this will be in the movie. I learned a lot when I
    Did the video for the Tupac foundation about what songs I could use in the background

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