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No time will have lapsed,” series creator Shonda Rhimes states. “And negative time will have lapsed.” Meaning, there likely will be a tiny jump backwards, to shed a bit more light on what exactly went down when Jake jogged down the hall to fetch that crucial blanket/pushin’ cushion (as recounted in the promo below).


Given Scandal‘s standing as the most secretive of the Shondaland shows, Rhimes would be remiss to reveal much more about Olivia’s vanishing, other than to confirm, “It’s definitely not going to be a one-episode, short little thing.” Rather, Liv may be missing — yet still on screen, don’t you worry — for weeks.
And while one might surmise that the abduction of the leader of the free world’s girlfriend and the West Angola of it all was cooked up to spark a big, new, Defiance/Remington/Albatross-like mythology, Rhimes counters, “The big new thing it triggers is Olivia.”
Elaborating on that pronouncement, she says, “We’re taking Olivia to a place that she hasn’t been before” (and the uberproducer doesn’t mean geographically). With this storyline, “We are growing Olivia in a different direction. And we are growing the show in the direction that we’ve been headed towards for a while.
“It’s going to be an interesting left turn for the audience,” Rhimes adds, “but it is definitely still Scandal.”



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