Wayne claims because Cash Money is refusing to pay, he’s entitled to walk.
But Lil Wayne wants more than just a declaration of freedom. He’s suing for $51 MILLION.
And Wayne wants the judge to declare he’s the joint copyright owner of all Young Money recordings … which includes Drake, Nicki Minajand several others.
Sources connected to Wayne tell TMZ … if Birdman antes up then he can release “Tha Carter V,” but only if Wayne gets paid. Wayne says he was supposed to get an $8 million advance when he began recording in December, 2013 and another 2M when he completed the album a year later, but so far he’s gotten nothing.

Source: TMZ


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18 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Ups the Ante to $51 Million and Copyright Ownership of YM Artist in Lawsuit w/ Cash Money”
  1. Let’s not forget slim! If baby has to split with slim he won’t be happy with having millions less than wayne and other artist so is this why the money is funny??????

  2. Birdman has made $75 Million off of Wayne since the beginning of his career! He pays his artist $1.00 per album which is GREAT compared to other artist so that means Wayne has made $15 million and baby has made $60 million off of wayne so far. Wayne also has made $50 million in touring over the years! $65 million for Wayne and $60million for baby off of one artist! Where is all the money??????

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