Young Thug has jumped the gun and is dropping Carter Six Apr. 17th 


The “Stoner” rapper says that fulfilling the Carter series is his way of saluting Wayne because the YM general feels “like after Tha Carter V, he ain’t gon’ make no more music ’cause he feel like can’t nobody make no music like that.” Wayne doesn’t take it as a compliment though.


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18 thoughts on “Young Thug Dropping CARTER 6 April 17th”
  1. He is a disgrace to music period. I was with my best friend and we saw the Check music video and he was wearing a Hooters shirt and I posted this because this is what he looked like in that video.

  2. This dude said that it’s not the artist duty to be self conches about politics and that he getting money and that’s what he cares about…ignorant fuck! He was put in this game to delude the young minds! Like DNA says “get him the fuck outa here”

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