Cooley says he was first approached by a fire marshal who asked him why he was carrying the gun in the airport. He was then approached by an APD officer, who asked him about the gun and whether he was permitted to carry the weapon.
“I told her I was carrying this for safely when she asked me why,” Cooley posted on Facebook.
Cooley says as he and his wife began to leave the airport the APD officer stopped him again and radioed to others that he was carrying an automatic weapon. Cooley says he was then followed to his car by a police lieutenant and two officers, who took pictures of their car.
“It shouldn’t matter what I carry, just that I choose to carry,” Cooley said. “You never know where something might happen.”


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7 thoughts on “Man Walks Through Atlanta Airport w/ AR-15 fully Loaded with 100 Round Drum”
  1. This is terrible don’t care what the law states it should b a law to carry anytype of weapon in any place of business that’s a disaster waiting to happin period point blank just shows we’re no where n this deceiving world they make the rules n laws as they Go

  2. I would be walking in a different direction just as a precaution to keep my family safe! If it means missing my flight then so be it! I understand our rights as citizens, but if you gotta roll through the airport like this then it is what it is! You just never know the mental state of people these days! I feel him though, he wanted to exercise his rights, but we all know there’s two sides to every coin! I know my family would freak out! Lol!

  3. If it was one of us walking with an AR – 15 through the airport talking like that it would of been R.I.P to us. And they would of justified the situation by saying a crazy black man was waving a weapon and making threats.

  4. There’s white law and there’s black law. If you’re White, you pose NO risk. Black? AR-15? 100-round drum? Justifiable reason to kill him. I’d of freaked out to witness some bullshiggity like this……crazy-looking old white man with a weapon of MASS DESTRUCTION…….

  5. I would feel very comfortable it’s our right fact is for me if it we I carring that more than likely them would have tried to detain me or forcefully confiscate my weapon of protection. That would not have worked out so well even in know the law as well as I do I know that the troubles that come with it isn’t always worth the hassle.

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