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For the second time this month, rapper Rick Ross has been arrested in the state of Georgia. Ross (born William Roberts) was taken into custody last night by the Metro Atlanta Fugitive Task Force for outstanding warrants for aggravated assault.
WSB reports the “Stay Schemin’” rhymer got into an altercation with someone working on his Fayette County property. Ross is accused of pistol-whipping the man. He and his bodyguard were charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, and aggravated battery.

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23 thoughts on “Rick Ross Arrested On Assault, Kidnapping & Battery Charges”
  1. that’s my nigga man Rick Ross they don’t like you you have money and this nigga that don’t have money talk but I bet you they listing to your music in they car or the house

  2. Nvr liked Rick Ross .n his garbage music .that’s what he gets .I hope he stays there like the real scum he is ! .thank God I was tired of hearing that evil garbage he made

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