According to the lawsuit, Chisholm claims two weeks after the video was posted — and was seen by 10 million people — she was fired from her job at a barber shop because the manager thought the video would bring negative publicity to the shop. Chisholm claims being called a ho subjected her to harassment and abuse in public and has severely damaged her reputation … and she wants $5,000,000 in damages. (TMZ)



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62 thoughts on “2 Chains Sued for $5 Million for calling A Girl a THOT”
  1. Let’s be real people! She was there for all the reasons they gave her and that’s why she did her twirl that’s why she was excited to know it was going on a blog that’s why she smiled and fixed her hair and said she looks pretty…. it was all good in the moment but once you watch the replay not so fun anymore! I’m not bashing her or any woman for that matter but let’s be serious here some women go back stage hoping to make a come up… hers just turned into a law suit

  2. I thought she was pretty. In my opinion when you know your self worth you can be anywhere. If I was her … 2 Chains and his crew would have been checked for asking me to turn around to check the hump in my back and mentioning thot and my name in the same sentence etc. And I would of continued waiting for my peoples and dranking my water. #QUEEN.

  3. She don’t care that she was called a thot she was embarrassed because they wasn’t on it and straight clowned her… But let that be a message to all the thots over the world that groupie stuff not for everybody when they focused on they business.

  4. That female is at a place where I am certain she should know at least one person could possibly call her out her name just because she won’t give them any play. I am just saying. Ijs…Kisha Simmons…or nah…

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