Birdman Says He Gave Lil Wayne $70Million Upfront and He is FREE to Leave Cash Money 


Until now, Baby has kept his silence. However, that all changes today with his first full length interview about the drama with Wayne. Power 105’s Angie Martinez recently spent a weekend with Birdman in Miami Beach to get all the goods.

35 thoughts on “Birdman Says He Gave Lil Wayne $70Million Upfront and He is FREE to Leave Cash Money 

  1. ILeTisha Underwood Preserving Lives this fight is very important for us to learn because artist always complain about money but the label never gives us numbers on what they spent and contracts they gave to compare it with so this is good! I’m paying attention from both sides of the fence

  2. I don’t believe him bro. He’s corny! Can read the fake all over him. Wayne just did a few tracks on the situation. We seen the performance. He’s trying to get out that indictment. #LockHimUp he called the hit ain’t no getting around it. Dude turning state evidence on him. Hell he better talk to God vs Angie. He’s going down!

    1. Wayne is worth a lot more to him alive than dead! If he sells wayne to another label he can grab about 25 mill plus points off his albums and he owns Wayne’s publishing. Wayne is not tupac. Wayne is worth a lot more alive than dead

    2. I feel you as I did before. But when your getting money like he is I’m sure those extra dollars isn’t going to hurt him Kingsmen. That picture just isn’t right to me. It will all fan out here in the matter of court dates. If that can be anywhere proven what this shooter is saying… Down goes Frazier. I wish them the best in resolving it. But being from them bricks it’s way more to it then what’s being aired. In this video his body expression tells me different.

    1. How many albums do wayne have to sell in order to make back the 100 million and make some profit? So want baby saying is there isn’t anything left because wayne is in the hole from the first 70 million he gave him. So with the deal baby has with universal wayne has to sell 13 million albums just to make back the 70 million baby gave him. Wayne is in the hole

    2. It wouldn’t lower the budget. The biggest budget of an album is marketing and promotion. In order for wayne to sell those albums he has to spend millions on marketing wayne. You can’t have a hot album and no one knows about it. Plus promo tour is expensive. Baby has to pay for wayne to go from city to city and do all those radio interviews to push the album. That’s stuff is very expensive

    3. His 100 million deal is for his last 3 albums not total albums. This is the deal that he resigned with baby. So he only sold like 6 million total on his last 3 albums and he still owes him 2 albums

    4. Well the deal is 5 albums but he only on his 3rd album looks like wayne is saying I made you a lot of money so give me mine but baby in the hole and he can’t make it back his last 2 albums. But baby seemed to not care about the loss until wayne started complaining

    5. Baby has one of rhe best deals in the world with universal and we will probably NEVER see his type of deal again. He owns ALL his masters and he gets about $6-$8 per album for every sale. He said he gives his artist $1.00 per album and look at 50
      Cent in the news saying he sold 10 million albums and only got paid 10 cent per album. That’s why 50 sold 10 million first album and wayne went platinum first album and they had same amount of money from album sales but 50 made 30 million More from touring

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