Dazzle Me Parties

DaZzle Me Parties definitely gave the girls the feel of luxury and fine dining. The girls were immediately fascinated by the immaculate ambiance and the “for girls only” theme.

 The staff was amazing. The girls doing the makeup and etiquette class were teens as well so the girls had someone to relate to while getting dazzled. After the dazzle me experience, the girls were beaming with confidence which is what the experience is truly about. 

 It’s not only about getting dolled up and looking pretty, it’s about bonding(building a sisterhood), learning skills needed to become a young lady, staying true to who you are, and feeling pretty from the inside which gives girls that glow on the outside! 

 The girls absolutely loved the overall experience, and we will be back!



Click here for more info in this fabulous experience!!!!!!

49 thoughts on “Dazzle Me Parties

  1. This is an AWSOME! Counselor In Atlatna she is very passionate and loving towards all kids. She also loves helping out the kids in the community, very good person! I know these kids had a great time!

  2. Kingsmen White, it is IMPERATIVE that we encourage these young ladies’ self-confidence. You never cease to amaze, brotha. The change OUR society needs requires hands-on directing of the upcoming youth. They are our future. A simple action can reward in ways one cannot begin to imagine.

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