I met my man Khaled before the hit records, platinum singles, anthems, accolades and social media success. I met him when he was a DJ, doing his thing in Miami just breaking records and rockin with Joe and TS. We immediately clicked and became good friends. I honestly was in awe of how this man made records, produced em, marketed em, broke Em, promoted em and sold em. That’s a gift. He had vision from day one. Most don’t know how brilliant this guy really is. Fast forward to me and my man Shake (RIP) giving Khaled his own label at Def Jam where, We The Best Records was born. Fast forward to getting Jay on Khaled records and developing that bond. We saw all of this wayyyyyyy before The Cloth Talk. Way before we made money together. That’s how friends become brothers. I won’t bore you guys with a long drawn out 12 yr story. (I’ll save that for the book, lol). Fast forward to now, finally welcoming my brother Khaled Khaled to Roc Nation!!! #Khaled #JayZ #RocNation #WeTheBest #Dusse #Th


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