50 Cent Presents

50 Cent Presents will reportedly combine “sketches, stand-up, reality experiments, music, magic, dance and celebrity guest appearances,” and 50
cannot wait to “show the world the best of the best.” “I grew up watching variety shows and am excited to put my own spin on the format. I hope everyone is ready to bring their talent forward,” 50 told THR.Mr. Jackson will also act as one of the project’s executive producers with G-Unit Film & Television’s Stephen J. Savva & Elaine Frontain Bryant, Brad Holcman and Sean Gottlieb from A&E’s programming department. Bryant had this to say about the variety show: “50 Cent is the perfect partner to refresh this classic format. He is a true tastemaker across industries and we are excited to see his impressive showcase of talent.”

Source:The Holywood Reporter

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