The Internet was on fire about The President’s daughter smoking on something at a music fest so I wanted to ask my readers how do you feel about it. A it ok to be young and have a life? Do you still have to be respectful to your dad’s position? Leave a comment!!


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61 thoughts on “Getting High in the White House ”
    1. Looks photo shopped. But disregard the President position. Lets just look at the position of being her Father. If its valid she should have more respect for him. When people look at our kids one of the 1st things that come out their mouth is not the childs name but the parent. Oh thats Preserving Lives daughter. It reflects on them. #TheParent

  1. She is a human being she is a adult she is not her father and her life in public service is about 3 months away from being over I think people should chill out trying to make a story out of it?

  2. She has to live for herself. Just Like we all lived when we were teens. Just like her dad lived when he was a teen. She has a right to that phase- leave room for mistakes- she is not her dad & she is not her mom. She’s Malia. Daughter of POTUS or not. Everyone deserves that extra room for error- kinda like how God has for us. And God trumps all. Even the POTUS. And the opinions of the heathens who crucify her.

  3. She has to live and learn like we all did, it’s funny bc now that I’m older I hear people talk bad about kids doing drugs and drinking alcohol and I’m like please stop it BC we were way younger when we started and you’re mad that they’re in their teens!!! Oh ok!!!

  4. Besides tying her down to the bed post and not allowing her to socialize at all, this is out of the Presidents hand. All her parents can do is give the children advice.

  5. It will ALWAYS be like this….EVERYTHING children do may be a reflection on their parents but not necessarily what they were taught by their parents! They will do what they CHOOSE to do when they have the moments of freedom to do it. She is responsible for her actions…we just happen to know who Her parents are just like some people know who our parents are and what we were taught! Can’t be with them 24/7! She understands enough to bare the responsibility of what she is doing…she isn’t exempt from life’s lessons either!

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