The Internet was on fire about The President’s daughter smoking on something at a music fest so I wanted to ask my readers how do you feel about it. A it ok to be young and have a life? Do you still have to be respectful to your dad’s position? Leave a comment!!


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61 thoughts on “Getting High in the White House ”
  1. I say to each his own. It has to be hard growing up under the public eye and watching every little move you make because regardless if they do good or bad they have something to say. It’s a lose lose situation. I personally believe the pic was photo shopped and think she would have more respect for her parents and the position her dad is holding. Ppl always have to find something to talk about to stir up some drama. Let the man serve his last 3 months in peace.

  2. I personally don’t smoke but Im not going to say my kids won’t smoke I doubt they will but I’m not going to say that at some point in time they won’t try it even I have and I was one of the good kids I knew right from wrong I rarely got in trouble but it was my choice to make but if you have good friends and you don’t want to try it they won’t push you to either

  3. She has been in a bubble for 8 years and under microscope (social media)its hard to handle those pressures parents and a child cant post an answer without considering all that HATE THAT SHE HAS TO GO THROUGH IT ❤️

  4. What is she is just tired of the White House and all the security everywhere she goes? 8 yrs of that. Some folks might think it’s fun to live in the White House and be the daughter of the President. Could be a lot of stress

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