Chris Brown Arrested for Felony Assault 

TMZ identified the woman who called the police as Miss California Regional Baylee Curran. Curran told the gossip outlet that she had been admiring a piece of jewelry at Brown’s home when the singer lost his temper, allegedly pointed a gun at her and ordered her to leave. The woman added that members of Brown’s entourage tried to get her to sign a nondisclosure agreement, though she reportedly left without signing.

55 thoughts on “Chris Brown Arrested for Felony Assault 

  1. You can tell the Becky followers bashing Chris bash that trash who couldn’t keep her hands to herself but I hope you learn from this and that’s to leave the trash outside

  2. Well anybody that ever had anything knows these ladies steal like hell and it must have happened already . But Chris use your head son. Stop bringing home Hoes. I’m pretty sure his jewelry wasn’t just sitting out in the open so she took her ass where she didn’t belong. Chris stop stop bringing home Strays.

    1. Was Rihanna a Becky bitch or a hoe?? Just curious since we’re going to pretend this is about race instead of a history of violence against all women, including his own mother.

    2. Well Pam Rihanna I followed that story and you followed the case when the officer showed up at the scene he said he saw no visible marks or injuries on Rihanna except she had red marks on her wrist now that would be signs of restraint you think he was not arrested that night but three days later she shows pictures with busted lip all these wounds. So now you’re trying to say that the police officer saw and let him go come on . You just don’t understand that’s all and why we make it racial? What’s your take on the White college student that raped two girls and the judge told him I won’t send you to jail and mess up his future ???????

    3. Like I said Pam he needs to leave them Becky bitches alone and if you have a problem with what I said oh fucking well. The stray bitch looking to gain sum fame but hopefully not off him

    4. Y’all always want to bring up someone past bring this stray past up and lets see what’s up with this bitch claiming he did something to her but she called TMZ instead of the police. Suspect ass hoe

    5. She’s wanted for Stealing in NewYork And That HOE didn’t win no Beauty Queen they just came online and Said So said she was Thriwn out Lmaoo !!! A fucking thief and liar SMH !!!!

    6. Walter that hoe lying and these people want to bring up his past cause that happened with Rhianna when they both where young. Everybody make mistakes in life and sum of the ones want to bash him probably getting hit at home to. Love you Chris and hope you get past this and leave them hoes at the trailor

    7. Really Chris got railroaded in that Rihanna case . If you can find it and it tells you when the first officer arrived on the scene he stated he saw no visible marks or injury just red marks on Rihanna’s wrist which to me means he was trying to restrain her. The story also said it started when she saw a text from another woman ??? Remember we are talking about Rihanna so what do you think then 2 or 3 days later she posts pictures with injuries that just go to show they just wanted to take the brother down it back fired he sold more records after. It’s All about Chris Brown sweetheart. But these brothers have to stop making easy for this racist system. Look at Mike Tyson the girl claims she got raped past twenty phones a hotel full of people but says nothing then goes and sends her dress home ???? Now I followed his trial when they got her dress back you could tell someone used scissors or something sharp but if someone rips off your dress I doubt it would rip not cut. They just wanted Mike Tyson. That’s our Just-US in America have a good day sweetie .

  3. Sad sad stupid all around…..another life gone for what something she didn’t even leave with. I pray He finds God and really think about what he is to a lot of young people.

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