Cardi B’s Feature Film Debut Has September Release Date


Hustlers, based on a true story and boasting the feature film debut of Cardi B, now has a release date.

Cardi’s co-star Jennifer Lopez made the announcement via an Instagram clip shot from the comfort of an empty Bergdorf’s Monday, noting that she was making the visit while on a break from production.

“Have you ever been in Bergdorf’s at 3 a.m.?” Lopez asked her fans. “This is what it’s like. You can walk everywhere. Look, there’s nobody here. It’s like a fantasy, a dream come true. Just rummaging through all the racks, looking at all the clothes in between takes here on the set of Hustlers. By the way, I have a secret. The release date for Hustlers has just been set for September 13. We’re coming to a theater near you. Look out for all of us!”

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