MICHAEL EVANS BEHLING is fresh, super talented and so dope. He stars as hot shot quarterback striving for the attention of his father Billy Baker, played by Taye Diggs. Michael’s character Jordan Baker gets into deep ‘dish in season 2–almost fathering a child, excessive drinking, all while remaining star football team.
At center point of this series are several conversations taking place within the story line, not really feeling black or white, labels, Los Angeles culture and familial deceit. The series seamlessly navigates through both worlds of Crenshaw and Beverly Hills. One of strife, instability and the latter filled with privilege, financial support and a full family structure. “All American” airs on the CW Network Monday’s at 8:00pm.

Michael stars as Billy Baker’s oldest son, striving to fulfill his father’s legacy at all costs. After winning the state championship and season 1, he returns back after receiving devastating news of his father infidelity and quickly reacts by spiraling out of control by acting out in all facets of his teenage life. In the series, audiences see Jordan’s multi-faceted layers as they’re pulled back with every twist and turn.


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