D.C. Younfly honored his Queen Jacky Oh on her birthday! R.I.P.

“Dear Heavenly Father, we come together humbly. We just want to say we’re thankful, and we’re grateful, Father. We’re thankful for Jacklyn’s life, heavenly Father, and we’re going to continue to just lift her up, heavenly Father. And we pray, Heavenly Father, that you just continue to guide everybody in this circle, Heavenly Father. Grant us the strength, the motivation to continue to just love each other, Heavenly Father. And to continue to just do your will and walk in our purpose, Heavenly Father. We just pray, Heavenly Father, that you grant us the strength, the guidance, the motivation, the inspiration, the tools, the mindset to just continue to be uplifted, Heavenly Father. Have great joy, have great spirit, Heavenly Father. Remove any negative energy, remove any doubtful thoughts. Remove any unrighteouness. And we pray that you continue to just keep me and my loved ones healthy, safe and protected. And we know that Jacquelyn is safe, Heavenly Father.”


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