Mike Epps as Richard Pryor plus Oprah’s Role as Abusive Grandma



Oprah Winfrey’s been cast to play Richard Pryor’s grandmother
— a cruel and abusive lady pimp — in the upcoming biopic directed by O’s pal Lee Daniels.

Pryor’s widow, Jennifer, tells TMZ … Oprah got hold of the script, and was desperate to play Marie Carter — the woman who raised Pryor in her brothel in Peoria, Illinois .

Mike Epps beat out Nick Cannon for the role as Pryor.

Nick Cannon as Richard Pryor in Biopic

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43 thoughts on “Mike Epps as Richard Pryor plus Oprah’s Role as Abusive Grandma”

  1. I give nick cannon props where props is due, and he is a very talented and accomplished young man, but I think mike epps would bring more life to the role as Richard Pryor.

  2. I like them 2 together but I remember a couple months ago Nick asked Mariah to tone it down with her clothing & dress her age…it’s said that he asked for the split

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