I was reading a poll online about men’s/women’s shoes and here is the results:

How many pairs of shoes does the average man own?

Usually 3. Work shoes, everyday shoes and a pair to wear with his suit.

How many pairs or shoes does the average woman have?




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80 thoughts on “How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own????”
  1. Most likely about 300. It used to be about 500, but I lost some things along the way and gave a ton of clothes and shoes away… Doesn’t make sense, even though I like having something new to wear; it’s virtually impossible to wear everything… Definitely looking from a more sensible perspective going forward. They just sit there and collect dust, or dry-rot in the box… Word of advice: buy what you’re going to wear, and save your money.

  2. Lol….I just donated 3 boxes to Nikki’s organization, and I’m not ashamed to say….im still well over 3x’s the amount of shoes the average women is suppose to have …

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