Music Soulchild ditches Soul for Rap??? Changes Name to Husel

“The Husel is a concept, It’s not about me as a person,or different then an actor in a movie or being about the actor, it’s about the character that’s being played. The Husel’s whole mission and The Husel’s whole movement is basically to musically represent the soundtrack to the everyday grind, that’s who The Husel is
making music for. That teacher teaching them kids, that doctor in that hospital, that chef at that restaurant, that barber in that shop, that newscaster on TV, that DJ on the radio in that club, anybody that is doing something to make it happen for themselves, that’s what The Husel is about, I’m trying to be as positive and motivational as possible.”



44 thoughts on “Music Soulchild ditches Soul for Rap??? Changes Name to Husel

  1. Finally working! I couldn’t watch past 1 minute! He thinks he Kirko Bangz/Drake/Future/T-Pain??!!!! This mess is garbage! As good as a singer he is, he can’t even harmonize correctly on Autotune! This mess is trash!

  2. When you make music that you love that’s when you build a solid following but when you make music for people if the fad changes now you have to change to keep them as fans. he already had a solid following but he is ready to risk it so he can have a Kanye or Jay z rap fan base. this rap scene isn’t loyal at all. if word gets out that he stinks everyone will say he stinks without giving him a chance and by the looks of the vide he stinks as a rapper.

  3. Dino Simmons did you see the video that Sumtingwong Witchu Saunders shared? I’m not convinced and I’m in his age bracket so I know the kids won’t believe it. he looks so uncomfortable trying to be husel.

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