15 thoughts on “Is it True that the Bread Winner Has MORE Say-So in a Relationship???

  1. I couldn’t WAIT to weight in on this topic. With the astronomical divorce rates and underlying culprit being money, the mindset ‘I pay the cost to be the boss’ is COMPLETELY mundane. Chris Amill Sr, I cannot express appreciation enough for your statement. When people get married, it’s not for the purpose of voluntarily entering servitude to the capacity that either party holds more weight than the other. It’s said that a fool and his money are soon departed. That WHOLE cliche tends to leave a person disillusioned and the relationship strained to the point of breaking. We live together, we eat together. PERIOD. NO “I” IN TEAM!

  2. It depends on how your relationship is set up… Maybe he’s the bread winner but wants his woman to handle everything because she does it better & vise versa… But if that isn’t the case, decisions “should” be made as a team or in the best interest of your family

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