15 thoughts on “Is it True that the Bread Winner Has MORE Say-So in a Relationship???

  1. Decisions are made together but there are times that I have ti do what I feel is besr for ALL of us & I expect her to do the same… Its no longer about her & I, we have sons so every decision we make must be based off of all of us… So its not about who has the biggest check because if I make the most or if I’m unemployed, we have to make decisions that are best for all us & although egos may get in the way, paychecks won’t…!!!!

  2. Its a work together thing… and i think that a man that wont stand up and say something when it is goin on has no backbone…. my grandma use to call them jellybacks….. but no it shouldn’t matter its a team effort

  3. Eye am a strong black man, blessed with a strong black Queen! No doubt we both can make it on our own. Sometimes eye need her to make the correct move for us. As a man we see the world in black and white,on all levels.. but our Queens have that velvet touch thats needed to calm the storm,!!

  4. Kisha Simmons that’s what I’m saying but everyone don’t feel that way! . I know a lot of women that make decisions about their kids without talking to the real father or the new boyfriend

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