sources say Birdman is angry on 2 fronts … that Wayne is trying to bail on a binding contract and even more personal, he’s putting their relationship on blast.

Wayne’s song, “I’m Sorry for the Wait,” is especially galling to Birdman because he feels the man he calls “son” is treating him like some random producer.

As we reported, lawyers and others for Wayne and Birdman are in talks, but Wayne has threatened a lawsuit if his album isn’t released.



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37 thoughts on “Birdman is Very Angry with his Son Dwayne”
  1. Arthur L Cummings Jr., B.I.G./Diddy, PAC/Suge. These guys represent dollars to them whether they have an album in stores or no. When you run a label and you’re negotiating distribution deals, having a top act gives you leverage. When Cash Money shipped their 1st deal they settled for $30 million and $100 million for the re-up. Lil Wayne signed his 1st and only deal when he was 15-16yrs old. So now the dollars make little sense. I understand but the mix tape was garbage. Lil Wayne also brings Drake, Nicki Minaj and all of Young Money. It’s more involved than personal relationships. Wayne just realized how much he’s been jerked.

    1. Well wayne has this album and a greatest hits album and his contract should be up. Maybe Baby is holding him plus how much can wayne be worth now? His last two albums went platinum first week and sold about 3 million each. I think wayne is good for a total of 3 million more sales for cash money which is about 15-20 million for baby

    2. Shon Wilson plus wayne has young money signed through cash money so that’s real messy and expensive for a another label to buy him out. He has drake and Nikki so it can get real expensive. I see wayne getting out and going to universal as a solo artist but if they pay Baby to end his contract he will still get points off albums in the future just like Eazy E did with dr. Dre and then where will his young money label go? This is all a big mess

    3. I know, Lil Wayne is still signed under his original contract. The deal has proved to be far more lucrative than what he signed for. This will end ugly, I’d stay out of Vegas if I were him.

  2. Somebody help me out…(don’t follow hip hop anymore) from what I do know, these guys have been together since, like, forever right? So why won’t Birdman release Lil Wayne’s project? Is it garbage? Does Birdman think Lil Wayne is played out? Thought those guys would never have beef, lol! Shon Wilson help me out bro, what’s going on with those dudes?

  3. Wayne Dnt want to do music no more… Jail was good for Wayne bc he sat back n saw how Nicki Drake n Tyga did dey thing.. Birdman kno that Wayne is is natural born leader n the other artist listen to him… so if he goes dey going to.. And Birdman would have to rebuild …

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