FOX’s hit series Empire proved that some things can take a little while to get used to, like the image of two gay lovers kissing on TV. We’ve seen it before in other shows, but for some reason, Black people aren’t quite ready for it yet.

‘Empire’ creator Lee Daniels wasn’t too happy with the test audiences that disapproved of 2 men smooching onscreen. After actor Jussie Smollett (Jamal) kissed his onscreen boyfriend Rafael de La Fuente (Michael) in an intimate scene, Washington Post entertainment reporter Cecilia Kang reported that the ratings “plummeted.”

“The test audiences they showed this to…the ratings plummeted,” Kang said. “They did not like that scene at all.

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4 thoughts on “Empire’s Gay Kiss Sends Ratings Plummeting”
  1. I enjoyed the show, and felt the kiss was part of the shows entertain . Gays, lesbians, transgender, transsexuals have always been a part of the black community. It’s time we stop denying that gays have made important contributions to society. There are gay people all over the world. Some people will shut their eyes and shake their head at the “kiss”, others won’t. In the early part of our country’s history how did folks feel when interracial couples kissed or showed the slightest affection in public. Times have changed not because it was forced on people but by bravely showing that people in love, are just, people in love.

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