Vacation 2016! Where are You Going???

Hello my friends! Just wanted to start this day off by being a little nosey by asking WHERE are you planning on going this year for vacation??? I also want to know what/where was your Best vacation and where is your dream vacation??


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  1. There was a place that we went to and watch over 200 sea turtles feeding on algea, there was a workplace that had a warm water flowing into the sea, it then made algea which is what the turtles eat, I could have watched them all day, the food and culture is fabulous. We went snorkeling, and the sights are beautiful, you would not be disappointed

  2. I am trying to get to Hawaii this year, never been so I am excited. The worst vacation I have been on was to Miami. …. The people who was planning the trip had us in a condo in the middle oc nowhere with a dirty pool and leaks in the roof of the condo smh u talkin about pissed!!

  3. I do have to say one of the best places I’ve been to was Hawaii Oahu. The atmosphere, the scenery, the food, and the people! I had a great time there. I moved there after Japan a few years. Now when I watch Hawaii 5.0. I’m like, “I was there”!!! I hope to go back soon.

  4. I’ve been to many countries while in the Navy. Living in Japan for five years my wife at the time opened many doors for me there and translated for me alot. I took Japanese a couple years but could only read and speak a little. I traveled all over Japan and sat down with families eager to talk and share. Over seas many people love the features of people of color. Many wanted to touch and take pictures. They love our style! A lot of sites and history of samurai temples. In my opinion, it is nothing to travel your own country. You must travel the world!

  5. Wow my bro Ronson Monroe Mcdowell what a story. These things need to be shared. I laughed a little bit and I know you can look back now and laugh but back then I know you were HEATED!!!!!

  6. Kingsmen White in 2016 I am going back to Atlanta, Georgia to work with Mika Nicole Frost via BLACK FROST 2016 PROMO for Friends Who Like Ronson Mcdowell & India Raven McDowell via India Raven. My best vacation was in Universal Orlando Resort with my best friend Sherman Brown. He flew my entire family there for a week and paid for everything. My family and I had the time of our lives. My worse trip was in Chicago Bulls home town. I drove all the way there to go eat at MichaelJordan’s spot. I made reservations weeks in advance, when my wife LaTonya and I get there I meet Charles Barkley and soon was told that because he would be eating there my wife and i could not dine there! I was so upsett I left my wallet and everything by mistake. When I got back home I told my wife I had to drive back all the way to look for my things. I was pulled over by the police, fell in some mud, and had to drive back to Youngstown, Ohio in the freezing cold with the windows all down because the car smelled so bad!

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