BET+’s drama series, Zatima, premiered its second season on the network on Thursday, March 16, 2023. Select Media and Influencers we’re in attendance at the Virtue Rooftop Lounge in Atlanta for a VIP viewing with the cast.

The series stars Devale Ellis and Crystal Renee Hayslett in the lead roles, alongside numerous others portraying important supporting roles. The show is helmed by Tyler Perry.

Devale Ellis and Crystal Hayslett

”Zac and Fatima’s relationship is challenged on a whole new level in Season 2. Zac deals with internal discord which is only exacerbated after seeing his mother, Gladys, whom he hasn’t seen in quite a long time. Fatima begins to question herself and if she’s really what Zac needs when she can’t get through to him about dealing with past issues.”

Guyviaud, Remington Hoffman, Nzinga Imani, Cameron Fuller
Jasmin Brown
Danielle LaRoach
Nzinga Imani


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