As women continue to come forward with allegations that the comedian/actor raped them, one former NBC employee now claims to have aided in his supposed womanization. Frank Scotti, who worked as facilities manager for the network, sat down with the NY Daily News and claimed that he helped Cosby pay women off with $2,000 monthly payments “all over the United States and Europe.”

Working with Cosby during his The Cosby Show run from 1984-92, Scotti described standing guard at Cosby’s dressing room while he entertained women. Stating that he had never seen any abuse actually take place, Scotti admits that he was “suspicious.” He also remarked that he decided to come forward after decades because “felt sorry for the women.” Scotti also said that Cosby had an arrangement with a modeling agency to “deliver” women to his dressing room, some as young as 16 years old.


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  1. They are humans therefore they are flawed, magic Johnson such a who*remonger that he contracted and possibly passed on the aids virus hell it wasn’t this much outrage at that little piece if history are we picking and choosing who is worthy of slander or truth ? yup we are

  2. I was hurt when pee-wee Herman showed himself a pervert, wow who would of thunk it ?he had a dance and everything and was loved by all young and old.ok lol on the dance and everything

  3. The pay off came long, long before Ferguson, and to date including the first ones years ago there are 15 women, the statute of limitation on rape has expired I’M thinking what are they getting out of the shame of allowing something so horrific as being drugged and taken advantage of by bill Crosby ? the pay off was and is public knowledge, why do we have suggestive memory of this, again I ask what if it were a child of 5 that did not come forward until she was 15, would we then believe the victim ? I am first to say that the USA creates distraction and uses it as a weapon while they do something behind our backs in front of our face so distraction or truth ? if it was a brother claiming that white cops raped him in jail we would all be screaming foul, so is it the fame or the color of the victims or just ignorance on all of our parts for not knowing the character of all involved and we are just weighing in on the band wagon of “freedom of speech” and personal opinion

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