As women continue to come forward with allegations that the comedian/actor raped them, one former NBC employee now claims to have aided in his supposed womanization. Frank Scotti, who worked as facilities manager for the network, sat down with the NY Daily News and claimed that he helped Cosby pay women off with $2,000 monthly payments “all over the United States and Europe.”

Working with Cosby during his The Cosby Show run from 1984-92, Scotti described standing guard at Cosby’s dressing room while he entertained women. Stating that he had never seen any abuse actually take place, Scotti admits that he was “suspicious.” He also remarked that he decided to come forward after decades because “felt sorry for the women.” Scotti also said that Cosby had an arrangement with a modeling agency to “deliver” women to his dressing room, some as young as 16 years old.


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  1. Old white ladies at that…the latest victim is well over 80 yrs old and from the interview was is not wrapped to tight, the story she telling happened well over 40 yrs ago!!!!

  2. I find it annoying. No proof just old people telling old stories at this time why? Is the question I’m asking. What black influential person in the world do you know was able to hide such atrocities (inflicted on white women) and get away with it?! Mainstream media looks to discredit influential blacks at every turn to keep demonizing us, so…why now when he is 78 years old are we here? And at this time in our racially divided world? I’m not going to believe this when it makes absolutely no sense

  3. I don’t believe that Sheen Williamsnd they can’t distract people from what they want/don’t want. that worked back in the days when we had to watch our news on tv and newspapers but now with Internet we get news before them. if people choose to react its up to them

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